Frequently asked questions about renting a caravan of camper

People often ask us: "What makes traveling by camper or caravan such fun?". It’s a good question with many, positive, answers. With a camper or caravan you are free to go where ever you want. Your itinerary is totally flexible – if you decide in the morning to turn left instead of right, nobody is going to stop you. If you discover a fabulous spot, you can stay that extra night. If it is a bit disappointing, you simply drive on. You’ve got everything at arm’s length. From quilts to kitchen ware, from running water to a stove.

But the most important aspect of a camper or caravan trip is the sense of freedom you get on the road. Waking up with the most stunning panorama, grilling your steak over the camp fire in the evening, the sensation of liberty and the ultimate holiday feeling. Freed from the bubble of reality and daily chores. You will find out what it is like to return home completely recovered and brimming with energy. But a warning seems justified... there is a risk of getting addicted to travelling by camper... once you have tried it, you are sure you repeat it!
Are you curious about how caravans or campers work? Watch our instructional videos about caravans and campers here.

Below are a number of categories of the most common questions. Is the answer that you are looking for not listed? Please contact us;