Are you  well prepared for the journey with your motorhome or caravan? Have you already thought of a travel and cancellation insurance?

At you can take the following insurances to start your holiday with peace
of mind.

Insurance damage waiver campervan.

camper huren
The insurance "damage waiver motorhome hire". At  € 10, - per day you can cover damage up to
 € 1750, - . The insurance "damage waiver motorhome hire" can be selected as an option when making  your reservation. The deposit remains € 1000, -  irrespective of the redemption of the risks -per vehicle and per rental period.

Damage caused by improper use of the campervan, negligence and / or failure to follow the instructions of the owner CaravanenCamperhuren, the full damage costs are always paid by the tenant, irrespective  of Insurance damage waiver.

Download the conditions "Insurance damage waiver campervans"

Short-term insurance of the Europeesche.

Traveling without worrying? The sun, the snow, a cosmopolitan city or just enjoy the mountains. Wherever you are going, to travel with an insurance of Europeesche you will be well prepared on your way.
Expert personal assistance
Need assistance during your trip? Or telephone number of the nearest doctor? Just phone the Europeesche Helpline +31 20 651 5777 ( 24/7-day and night calls). Our staff will help you quickly and well. The Short-term Insurance provides you default expert assistance worldwide, very reassuring.

When to contact the Europeesche Helpline
■ For roadside assistance, accidents, illness and emergencies
■ For professional support through the emergency center
■ For global assistance in your own language
■ For a quick advice on simple medical problems
■ For the best doctors and emergency services abroad

Always a customized insurance
You can compose your short-term insurance. You can choose from three versions: Basic, Comfort and Optimum. You can also upgrade your with different coverages so that it fully meets your needs.

Basic, "the main risks insured"
The Basic travel insurance,  the main risks are insured during your trip. So you can rely on expert assistance via the Europeesche Helpline. In addition, you are entitled to some important benefits. For example if something breaks accidentally in your camper or caravan. Or if you have unexpected extra travel or telephone expenses. You have standard European coverage

Comfort: "more than ample compensation"
The Comfort of the Europeesche  travel insurance offers more than the Basic insurance.  Comfort gives you greater allowances for the coverage you choose, such as medical expenses, accidents or luggage. This travel insurance has standard European coverage.

Optimal "everything perfectly"
Do you want to take any chances? Then the optimal insurance of the Europeesche is perfect for you. We have previously compiled a comprehensive travel insurance, so you will not have any surprises. Luggage, medical expenses and legal assistance are included.. We also compensate for your luggage the replacement value up to two years and no write-off!

Overview of the prices of travel insurance Coverage Premium
Short-term insurance "Basic"

- Personal aid
- Luggage
- Medical costs
- Accidents
€ 1,67 p.p.p.d.

Short-term insurance "Comfort" 

- Personal aid
- Luggage
- Medical costs
- Accidents
€ 1,92 p.p.p.d.

Short-term insurance  "Optimum" 

- Personal aid
- Luggage
- Medical costs
- Money
- Legal assistance
- Accidents
€ 2,77 p.p.p.d.

The premium is per person per day. Children under five years are insured free of charge

You can take out the required insurance during your reservation. The condition is that you provide your fellow travelers, in connection with the coverage of all travelers.

Download the terms of Short-term Insurance

Cancellation insurance of the Europeesche                        

You have a wonderful holiday in prospect. A short-term cancellation insurance is a must. It can occur that a booked trip can not go ahead or you have to return home half way. A short-term cancellation insurance of the Europeesche is ideal. This applies not only before your leave, but also during your holiday.

Europeesche: ninety years the specialist in leisure insurance.

Coverage Overview Cancellation Insurance: Cancellation:
- Cancellation fee for the reasons given in terms Cost price
Reimbursement of unused travel days  
- Hospitalization (minimum 1 night) Travel cost per day
- Early return for reasons mentioned in conditions Travel cost per day

The cost for a short-term cancellation insurance of the Europeesche amount to 5.5% of the fare. You can take out the required insurance during your reservation. The condition is that you provide your fellow travelers, in connection with the coverage of all travelers.

Download the conditions Cancellation insurance


Tax and insurance policy costs.

The policy costs are € 3.50. On top of the premium and policy fee you pay insurance tax. Do you want more information about insurance tax? Look at

Make an insurance contract

We cooperate with the Europeesche verzekeringen. This society is selected by  based on their quality. We want to be sure that you are properly insured during your holiday!

While booking online, you have the possibility to conclude the following insurances directly:
- Short-term Insurance Basic Europe
- Short-term Insurance Comfort Europa
- Short-term Insurance Optimum Europe
- Shorty-term Cancellation Insurance
- Insurance damage waiver car hire.

If you have already placed a reservation and you still wish to take out insurance? Please call us.

Important note:
If you have opted for a short-term cancellation insurance  and/or travel insurance or "damage waiver motorhome insurance" the specified (fellow)travelers are insured. You should register them before departure. Changes can be sent at any time by email. Your invoice is also your insurance policy, The reservation number is your policy number. So you will not receive a separate policy.